“One of the greatest challenges for 21st-century science is how we respond to this new era of data-intensive science. This is recognized as a new paradigm beyond experimental and theoretical research and computer simulations of natural phenomena—one that requires new tools, techniques, and ways of working.” -Douglas Kell, University of Manchester

The 4th Paradigm is a student organization at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. We’re focused on giving students the opportunity to tackle real-world problems using a data-driven approach.

Our organization is brand new - founded in the fall of 2018 by students in CSU’s new Data Science major. The founders of the 4th Paradigm want to build a community of thinkers and problem solvers that connects students of all kinds to the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

The 4th Paradigm is an organization built on learning. All of our members are participating because they want to learn, and we are going to create a culture that helps supports that goal. We want every member to have plenty of opportunity to be a learner as well as a teacher and become closer to the community at CSU.


Dawson Eliasen


Driven to learn new techniques to tackle society's most significant problems.

Dawson photo

Alex Fout


Graduate Student in Statistics Department. I'm interested in the analysis of structured data, most recently citation networks of US Circuit Court cases.

Alex's Photo

Boston Lee

Financial Officer

Interested in using very large datasets to gain insights into behavior and patterns. Discovering utility in enormous datasets will be awesome in the future world of big data. (I know you're watching, NSA, FBI, and CIA... also Google. Please hire me someday.)

Boston Photo

Carson Eliasen

Commmunications Officer

Interested in participating in the new frontier of technology!

Adam Kiehl


Interested in data science's application in economics.

Richard Charles

Onboarding officer

Interested in the applications of data science in machine learning and medicine.

Rich Photo

Mark Gardner


Hanging in there.

Ted Photo

Code of conduct

In addition to responsibilities enumerated in the Colorado State University Student Conduct Code, The 4th Paradigm advocates rights and responsibilities of conduct for all participants - students, advisors, and industry partners- in accordance with the intent of the Code of Ethics of the Association of Computing Machinery. In particular, all department members are obligated to
  1. Respect the rights of others and protect fundamental human rights including respect of the diversity of all cultures, and to foster a safe and comfortable social environment.
  2. Avoid harm to others:
    • All members are expected to treat one another with professional courtesy at all times.
    • All members are expected to treat one another with professional courtesy at all times.
    • Members will dress appropriately for an educational and professional setting, refraining from modes of dress that may shock or disturb others.
    • Members will refrain from using offensive or abusive language.
    • Members will refrain from offensive public displays, including on computer monitors, wall posters, or engaging in overt public disturbances.
  3. Be honest and trustworthy:
    • Members will relate honestly with one another, will not submit work that is not their own (unless properly cited), will keep their promises, and will act to merit the trust of others.
    • Members should adhere to the ACNS policy on acceptable use of computing resources.
  4. Be fair and take action not to discriminate:
    • Members will treat others fairly, evenhandedly and without capriciousness.
    • Members will not single out any other Members or groups of Members for discrimination or criticism or unwelcome treatment especially based on race, physical characteristics, age, gender, religious convictions, or membership in any cultural group.
  5. Honor property rights:
    Members will respect the personal property of others.
  6. Give proper credit for intellectual property:
    Members will respect the work product of others, and will never claim ownership of intellectual work of others as their own.
  7. Respect the privacy of others:
    Members will respect the rights of others to be left alone, and will refrain from unwelcome actions towards them, and unwanted intrusions into their affairs.
Violations of this code of conduct will result in the rescinded membership. Code adapted from that of the CSU Computer Science department.